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Big Government


Meet Andrew

Andrew's career in the Navy began after he earned his commission as an officer from the University of Notre Dame. He then spent the next 28 years of his life in service to our country including three combat deployments to Kuwait and Iraq. During his service, he earned a Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, four Navy Commendation Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal, Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal w/Marine Corps Combat Operations Insignia, Iraq Campaign Medal, Expert Rifleman Medal, Expert Pistol Shot Medal, and multiple other medals.


After completing his active military service, Andrew homesteaded in Athens and decided to pursue a master’s degree from UGA in Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship. In 1991 he started a small firearms business called Clyde Armory. What started as a hobby business in his garage has grown into a nationwide company with two-brick-and-mortar locations here in Georgia. In fact, Clyde Armory just hit its 10th year of being #1 in the nation in law enforcement sales for Daniel Defense and has consistently been a top three Colt Law Enforcement distributor since 2009. As a veteran turned small business owner, Andrew was truly living the American dream.


Andrew and his wife Jennifer are residents of Jackson County. They have a Doberman, Kit, who can frequently be seen roaming Clyde Armory's showroom floor.

You may have recently received a mail piece with a misprint. The mail piece should have said, “I know the power of teamwork- it was a key part of what made our military so successful during Operation Iraqi Freedom when I served with the Seabees in Kuwait and Iraq.

Andrew Clyde Military.jpg

Christmas Day 2007- delivering MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles to Al Asad airbase Iraq

Andrew Clyde was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy.

Images do not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or any Service Branch.



Andrew's battle with the IRS.

On April 12, 2013, the IRS, without warning, wrongfully confiscated $940,313 from Andrew's business. Come to find out, they had been doing this to small business owners all across the country through an unconstitutional process known as civil asset forfeiture. Unfortunately, most people didn't have the financial resources to stand up for themselves and ultimately would lose their business and livelihood.  In his case, the IRS offered a deal to give back $615,000 if Andrew would forfeit $325,000 of his hard-earned money to them as penance. This was extortion and he refused. Andrew challenged the corrupt IRS both in the court and then through the legislature. He eventually won but knew he couldn't stop there. 


Andrew decided to make it his mission to ensure this never happened to a fellow American ever again. He went to Washington to work with Congress to pass legislation eliminating the ability of the IRS to seize legally earned money, saving hundreds of individuals and business owners from wrongful prosecution each year. Three times in three different Congressional terms, Congress unanimously passed the Clyde-Hirsh-Sowers RESPECT Act.  Last year it passed the Senate and on July 1, 2019, President Donald Trump signed the bill into law as part of the Taxpayers First Act.

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"I never intended to run for public office, but this experience showed me there is a very thin line between 'We the People' running our government and our government running us. This is the fight of our lifetime, and I personally experienced the brutality of it so I won't back down."

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"I fought terrorists in the deserts of Iraq,

I defeated corrupt IRS bureaucrats in the legislature and I will take on socialist democrats and the establishment in Washington."

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protecting the Second amendment

The Second Amendment of our Constitution is the teeth in “We the People”, and it must never be compromised by the government. As a veteran and the proud owner of Clyde Armory, Andrew is a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment.


Defending life

Andrew is proudly pro-life, with no exceptions. He believes that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. If we cannot defend the lives of the unborn, then we have lost our way as a nation. As your Congressman, Andrew will always work to protect the lives of our nation's innocent unborn. 

supporting president trump

President Trump has done more to promote economic prosperity in this nation than any president since Ronald Reagan. Andrew fully supports our President and his agenda to Make America Great Again!

Eliminating taxes

As a nation, we are overtaxed. If Americans are to truly be free, we must drastically decrease taxes. Andrew's tax plan would be simple:


  1. Eliminate graduated taxes and implement a FairTax system

  2. Stop taxation on the production of goods and instead tax consumption

  3. Dismantle the IRS


As a former Naval officer, Andrew has seen the sacrifices of the men and women who serve in our nation’s military firsthand. He will make it a top priority to ensure veterans receive the care the government promised them when they took their Oath to protect this country. 

Limiting Government

Congress has the authority to govern within the 18 articles outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Federal departments or funding for projects that fall outside of those 18 articles, should be eliminated. The department of Education must go. The Environmental Protection Agency must go. These functions should be left to the states and you should be left with more of your tax dollars. 

the Wall

Liberals and the 'go-along-to-get-along' Republicans in Washington have kicked this can down the road for far too long. We need the wall. We must stop illegal immigration and border crossings. 



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